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We completely over sold Gaming Bootcamp with Sioux Falls Christian


Code Bootcamp and Sioux Falls Christian teamed up to host a Gaming Bootcamp for Sioux Falls Christian students over the Christmas break. This allowed their students the chance to learn about building video game at an early age — we are teaching 4th & 5th graders.
We were so excited to think that we were going to have the opportunity to educate 15 students. But, within a few hours after the registration form went live, we had 20 kids sign up. Instead of ruining some kids’ Christmas break, we decided to double-down and offer two parallel Bootcamps.
In addition to teaching elementary kids how to build video games, we are also teaming up with New Tech High to bring in a number of high school students to serve as mentors for the bootcamp. These high school kids are super-excited to be a part of our program as well.
Thanks again to Sioux Falls Christian for valuing STEM (that is Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) at such an early age and allowing us to help educate their students. We would love to continue to team up with other middle schools in the area and provide a similar Gaming Bootcamps for even more kids.
This Gaming Bootcamp is limited to Sioux Falls Christian students (plus it’s sold out), but don’t worry, we will run many more! Sign up for information on our future Bootcamps joining our mailing list
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