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The one thing they forget to teach you (But we didn’t!)

Health is key to a long career in technology, learn what we are doing to help our students

Writing code is only one of the skills you need to succeed!

At Code Bootcamp we are all about building a well-rounded experience and education. In addition to learning to write code, we will teach the lifestyle skills necessary to create a healthy career as a developer. Our students are exposed to all the right lifestyle skills necessary to experience a lifelong passion of writing code in a way that does not harm their health or mental well being. Let’s be honest – developers are not known for their great lifestyle choices – let’s change that!

We focus on lifestyle skills.

Throughout our twelve week program, we will be bringing in guest speakers from various lifestyle professions to educate our students about how to lead a healthy life with exercise, chiropractic, ergonomics, life-coaching, work-life balance, nutrition and soft skills such as interviewing and networking.

We occasionally get complacent in our ways, and the traditional education system has done so when it comes to the future health of developers. I have worked as a developer for over twenty years, which means twenty years of sitting in a desk chair, slouched over a keyboard and mouse while staring into a brightly backlit monitor.

Code Bootcamp brings proper technique as an early-career habit instead of trying to fix health problems years later!

Survive – and thrive!

It is completely possible to write code all day without damaging your health — or your mental state — and we are going to ensure that our students understand how to survive decades without doing any damage to their bodies or minds. And we are going to have experts on hand as guest speakers to build good habits for our students. We will bring in experts in the following fields:

  • business and life coaching
  • chiropractic and ergonomics
  • nutrition, exercise, family and work-life balance
  • networking, resume writing, and interview skills

As part of our service to the community, we invite everyone in the development community to attend our guest speaking events.

Are you ready to start a new career as a developer?

The entire twelve weeks costs only $4,997 and is limited to 10 students. Applications deadline is April 15, 2016 with classes starting May 23, don’t wait until it is too late to apply.

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