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Girls Scouts Dakota Horizons Partners with Code Bootcamp

We are passionate about getting girls more involved in STEM fields

Code Bootcamp has partnered with Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons(GSDH) to host a Gaming Bootcamp and expand their STEM curriculum. We are so excited to be expanding and proud to be doing it with the Girl Scouts.

During past bootcamps we have had a number of girls attend and we’ve learned a lot about how they approach video game development. We will adjusting our base curriculum a bit to better accommodate an all girls bootcamp by incorporating more creativity and details into the games.

Sign ups will be available starting in March, contact Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons for pre-registration and additional details. We will also be attending the GSDH STEM Expo named The BIG Event on April 16 getting girls signed up.

While this event is limited to Girl Scouts, we will be offering additional Gaming Bootcamps this summer. Sign up using the link below to be updated on exact dates and registration links. We always announce dates to those on our mailing list before we open them to the public, because they sell out quickly.

To register, log into GSDH and then search for "Gaming Bootcamp" or click this link (must log in first):

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