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Four Reasons Why Every Entry-Level Web Developer Needs a Mentor

The secret to success - a great mentor

Code Bootcamp Provides Mentors

When Josh Stroschein and I first started our discussions around launching Code Bootcamp we felt strongly that every student needs to be exposed to senior developers as mentors. Why did we both feel so strongly about this?

One simple reason: it is hard getting started out as an entry-level developer!

And why doesn’t everyone, regardless of their career, have a mentor to help build their craft? We can fix that for our students, so we made it part of our core goals for Code Bootcamp. Here are four reasons why every student from Code Bootcamp will be able to work with mentors:

1. A Sounding Board for the “New Guy”

The reason businesses hire a new developer is because their current development team has more work than they can handle. This causes a training issue for the business; how does the “new guy” get experience without derailing the existing development team? The answer is that they can’t. That means every question, regardless of what it is, will take your experienced developer offline while he helps the new guy gain experience, which can cause frustration for everyone.

While a mentor is not there to train the “new guy”, they can be another sounding board for questions — especially those questions that may not get asked due to embarrassment or lack of confidence.

Everyone can use a good friend to talk shop with, right?

2. Guidance for the Beginners

Development is a big world and it is growing every day. No one can know everything that is happening in every field. However, senior mentors have mastered ways to stay abreast with experience and networking. Being able to bounce ideas off an experienced mentor will help our students avoid going down the wrong path.

3. Structured Networking for Introverts!

Networking is critical, especially for those who may sit at a desk all day long writing code. Or, for those who might describe themselves as introverts. A mentor can be a structured relationship that is more comfortable and beneficial than a big networking event.

Students will be plugged into various networking group within the community as well as a dedicated developer Slack group for Sioux Falls. Throughout bootcamp, we will have our mentor board come into the office and work with the students on projects as well.

4. Everyone wins.

Everyone needs a mentor, regardless of the industry. Most successful people have a mentor with whom they can bounce ideas around, talk industry strategy, get help with complex questions and further build out a business network. Everyone wins!

Plus, those who have mentors early in their careers are more likely to be mentors later in life as well, further helping out the next generation of developers and completing the circle of knowledge.

Code Bootcamp provides mentorship opportunities, we feel that every developer should have a strong support network — especially ones that involve face-to-face social interactions occasions — and want to facilitate that for all of our students. Our experiences have been broadened by mentors, and yours should be too!

Are you ready to start a new career as a developer?

The entire twelve weeks costs only $4,997 and is limited to 10 students. Applications deadline is April 15, 2017 with classes starting in mid-May 2017, don’t wait until it is too late to apply.

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