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Code Bootcamp - Why Networking is Critical

Networking is the number one value-add to Code Bootcamp students, never underestimate the value of connections

Writing code is only half of the skills you need to succeed.

At Code Bootcamp we are all about building a well-rounded experience, professional networking, and education. We are excited to have partnered with The Bakery, allowing all Code Bootcamp students to receive a 6-month membership to The Bakery as part of their tuition. This creates an amazing networking opportunity for our students.

The Bakery

The Bakery all started with a crazy little idea to create a coworking environment to unite the thinkers, doers, and creators of our community. An environment to foster relationships between those who have skills to teach and those who want to learn. It is an 8,250 square foot building where people can come together to learn, support, and inspire one another.

More than just Coworking.

The Bakery exists to challenge the status quo and inspire action. It’s a home for thinkers, doers, and creators. It’s more than a coworking space. The Bakery is a dynamic community fostering creativity, collaboration, and connection. The kind of connection that grows your network and increases your bottom line. You can read all about the Bakery on their website. We will be touring the Bakery the first week of our Fall Session.

With over 350 members in less than a year of operation, there are plenty of opportunities to leverage your new web development skills and earn a few extra bucks at the same time. If you have not toured The Bakery yet, stop in next time you’re downtown.

Are you ready to start a new career as a developer?

The entire twelve weeks costs only $4,997 and is limited to 10 students. Applications deadline is April 15, 2017 with classes starting in mid-May, don’t wait until it is too late to apply.

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