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Code Bootcamp teams up with Sioux Falls Christian to host Gaming Bootcamp

You heard that it right — Code Bootcamp has partnered with Sioux Falls Christian to host a Gaming Bootcamp for their students. We are stoked to be working with a local school that values STEM (that’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) at such a young age. This allows us to take another step in our mission in educating kids through video games.
Many kids are spending a lot of their time playing video games. Why not teach them how to expand their imagination and use code to create something remarkable? Instead of just playing an awesome video game, they can pride themselves on creating their very own.
We are so lucky that Sioux Falls Christian is willing to expand this type of education their students. Our youth can now take part in this crazy technological movement instead of just watching the industry advance them by.
This specific Bootcamp is limited to Sioux Falls Christian students in 4th & 5th grade and will be held over the Christmas break on December 28, 29 and 30. These kids will be some of our youngest game developers in Sioux Falls!
If you aren’t enrolled at Sioux Falls Christian, no worries. Just sign up for announcements on future announcements by clicking on the link below. We will be hosting a number of bootcamps this summer.
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