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Code Bootcamp Student Q & A: Rebecca

Her journey from design to developer

Name & hometown?

Rebecca McKeever. I grew up in Freeport, Illinois; however, I would say that Sioux Falls is home now.

Why did you choose to attend Code Bootcamp? Was it a career change or continuing your education for your current field?

I actually have a degree in Education, but I would say I’ve already experienced a career change. After our daughter was born and we moved to Sioux Falls I started doing graphic design work. It started with just logos for friends or converting their logo to a vector image. Then, over time I started doing web design and then web development. So, I was already in the field but not full-time before I started Code Bootcamp. I could see the direction I was going, and I wanted to get there faster.

Why did you first become interested in learning coding?

I was working on a website for a client and they wanted something that was a bit more customized. Usually, I work in WordPress to design my sites and I was making a few modifications with basic CSS and some HTML. However, this time I decided to dive into the PHP and make an attempt to create what he wanted. I guessed my way through it, and it actually worked. However, I never wanted to “wing it” that much again. I decided it was time to learn PHP and other web languages.

What are you hoping to do after completing Code Bootcamp?

Right now, I’m running my freelance business, McKeever Multimedia at, and working part-time for Matt Paulson at I do a variety of work for him including design, development and article creation. I also develop websites, write and design for clients. After finishing Code Bootcamp in December, I will be able to build and develop more complex websites and do more custom work for clients.

What are two examples of things you learned at Code Bootcamp that will be beneficial going forward in your career?

I would say that JavaScript and jQuery will be most useful as I’m building client websites.

What advice would you have for future Code Bootcamp students as they prepare or decide to join?

If you’re thinking about joining Code Bootcamp, start exploring as much as you can beforehand. What I found is that my previous experience with WordPress and other platforms gave me a good starting point for what we learn in class. So now as we learn, I can say, “I understand how they build that theme or plug-in that I was working with.” So my advice is to use the tools that are out there to design and build before you start and that can provide a good frame of reference for you in class.

What is the most rewarding part of learning to code?

It is always fun to start with an idea or a concept of what you want for a site and then to make it happen. It’s very fun to take an idea, create some files, type something, and see it come to life. As we finish Code Bootcamp and continue learning, I’m also looking forward to seeing all the languages and skills we have learned come together.

Would you like to sit down and talk to Rebecca about her experience with Code Bootcamp? Send us a message and we'll make that happen.

Code Bootcamp is a big commitment, we want you to be as informed and comfortable as possible. Let’s setup a one-on-one call or coffee with our co-founder and lead instructor Josh Stroschein.

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