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Code Bootcamp of South Dakota hosts first Gaming Bootcamp for kids in Sioux Falls

This week Code Bootcamp of South Dakota is switching gears. Instead of spending 12-weeks teaching adults how to kick start a career in coding we are hosting a summer camp!

That’s right! It is a summer camp with computers. Our first five-day Gaming Camp for kids is taking place the Code Bootcamp of South Dakota headquarters.

One of our goals at Code Bootcamp is to teach developers the coding skills they need to fill jobs in the Sioux Falls region. What could be a better way to teach the next generation of developers than by teaching kids?

That’s why we started Gaming Bootcamp! Unlike Code Bootcamp (the one for grown-ups), Gaming Bootcamp is just five days.

We are spending every day this week with middle school and high school students. Instead of spending their summer days playing video games, we are teaching them to use coding to make their own video game with a program called ‘Construct 2’.

Yes, we can do all this in only five days! Young students are very tech-savvy and quick to learn. We hope that the skills they learn in their week at Gaming Bootcamp will encourage them to consider a developer career or technology-related career.

For more information on the innovative team behind Gaming Bootcamp, visit our main website at Code Bootcamp of South Dakota. This fall, we will be hosting a 12-week Code Bootcamp that can help adults kick-start a new career in developing.

We are passionate about teaching both kids and adults about coding! Click here for more information on our upcoming Fall 2015 Code Bootcamp.

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