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Code Bootcamp launches Database Bootcamp, limited time to register

Jump start your learning with our 9-week database bootcamp

Code Bootcamp is running a 9-week database bootcamp from February 1 through March 30, 2016. We will be meeting Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-7pm each week.
Our 9-week Bootcamp will focus on effectively working with databases, we will use MySQL for simplicity. The curriculum will cover topics from installation, effectively storing data, database normalization, and properly using database objects such as views, triggers and stored procedures.
Who was this bootcamp create for?
We focused our curriculum specifically on two key audiences:
  1. Those who need to setup and ran a small to mid-sized database solution for their organization but does not have an existing DBA (database administrator). This may be for a web application or internal data.
  2. Those who want to expand their knowledge of working with existing business database at work. You already have an existing database and may even have a DBA on staff to manage the complex stuff.
Are there pre-requisites?
The only pre-requisite is a general understanding of databases, light database work in the past would be a plus (like using SELECT statements.) We are not going to get too deep into programming applications, so you do not need to have a developer background.
Who is the instructor?
Database Bootcamp is being taught by Chirag Shukla.
Chirag began developing with Oracle 8 database in late 90s and has been fascinated with the importance of well-organized, high-quality data ever since.
Chirag has immersed himself in database administration, development, auditing, and data analysis to help various organizations achieve the highest value from their data. One of these organizations was the State Climate Office of South Dakota where he helped archive and publish large amounts of weather data from South Dakota and the neighboring states.
Chirag loves spending time mentoring database enthusiasts and is active on StackOverflow answering variety of database and programming posts.
Chirag has found a passion for teaching which has lead to his partnering with Code Bootcamp.
What about my other questions?
All the details are on our event website, along with registration:
More questions? No worries, message us and we’ll answer them!
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