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Become a web developer from scratch? You Bet! Here’s our Code Bootcamp Syllabus

We met with a number of businesses throughout our community and have strategically settled on the following technology platforms for our Code Bootcamp curriculum. The curriculum will primarily focus on the programming language PHP and on the content management system (CMS) Wordpress due to its popularity. Our community does have a very diverse CMS usage.

While this is not the full syllabus, it does highlight the key topics and skill sets that we will be covering during the twelve weeks. Note that the post-work is where we will focus on very specific technology skills that are not applicable to every student.

The Foundation Skills

Before camp, students will be provided with online courses and material that will cover basic programming fundamentals including HTML and CSS. This will build a solid foundation of technical skills so that everyone starts with roughly the same background. No prior experience is necessary.

Exploring the Fundamentals of Wordpress

Our base content management system (CMS) will be Wordpress although everyone will get exposed to other CMS platforms throughout the program. Picking up where our pre-camp work left off, our first week focuses on learning the more advanced uses of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. We will cover group projects and everyone will get a chance to meet with our mentor board.

Learning Wordpress Templates, Plugins, Audio, and Video

We will expand into Wordpress templates, plugins, and study media queries and mobile responsive design. We will build a cutting-edge infographic to help master these skills. This week you will get a chance to experience what is inside Wordpress by working directly with PHP and exploring alternative CMS platforms. Finally, you will learn about integrating audio, video, SVGs and micro-data.

Making Sites Interactive With JavaScript and jQuery

You will be introduced to the technology necessary to develop a rich, client-side interactive experience with JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, and other popular platforms. Diving deep into jQuery, we will explore the Document Object Model (DOM) used by all frameworks to handle event handlers, parsing, JSON payloads and call-backs.

Advanced APIs, JSON, XML, and 3rd Party Services

APIs are what allow different platforms to easily communicate with each other over the internet. We will cover how to connect to external APIs, how to push and pull data, and how to incorporate a two-way data flow into your websites. As we round out your development skills, we will begin to polish our browser and unit-testing skills to make sure your sites work across various platforms. Lastly, we are going to begin the discussions related to social marketing and promotion techniques.

Collecting User Data and Data Storage

Introduction to Web forms and input elements through PHP and other mail platforms. We will discuss data storage techniques and look into integrating with 3rd party data services. While we are collecting data, we will spend a lot of time on data security and how to protect data with input validation to avoid SQL injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) bugs. We’ll end our week on data with a discussion of the fundamentals of e-commerce and how to collect money through Paypal, Bitcoin, Gumroad, and others.

Exposure to Other Languages

Students will also get some exposure to SQL, Bash and working with virtual machine platforms like AWS. While these won’t be covered in great detail, students will have the base knowledge to build on if necessary in the future.

While we will focus on web platforms, we will also expose all students to a variety of other programing languages through guest lectures.

Well, there you have it, our basic curriculum for Code Bootcamp of South Dakota! Feel free to contact me if you want a more detailed syllabus.

We are taking applications today — apply online, no commitment.

I would love to hear from you about Code Bootcamp or see you attend our Fall Session in 2015. Please send me a Tweet at @wbushee, or drop me an email.

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