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Become a developer from scratch at Code Bootcamp of South Dakota

Twelve weeks of intense development training

Don’t just learn to code - learn to be a developer. That is what Code Bootcamp is all about, we go beyond the skills and also teach the lifestyle associated with becoming a developer. Code Bootcamp was developed out of what we saw as a need within our technology community in South Dakota.
Unlike other on-line programs, Code Bootcamp offers an interactive and dynamic classroom experience with hands-on projects, guest speakers, mentorship, and lifestyle skills together in an intense 12 week experience. You will learn more than just the skills of being developer; you’ll get a well-rounded education encompassing aspects beyond just coding.
Our Goals
Code Bootcamp has three key goals for each student to accomplish throughout our twelve week program:
Goal Number 1: Build job-ready development skills around the platforms and technologies that are being used in our community. We don’t just show students how to code, we teach students how to be a developer.
Goal Number 2: Develop a portfolio of work through which our students can demonstrate their skills to prospective employers. Each student will work on two or three impressive real-world projects, individually or in collaboration with other students, during bootcamp.
Goal Number 3: Interact with the industry through guest speakers, on-site visits, and drop-ins by community leaders. Each student will have the opportunity to work with mentors, which will extend beyond the program to allow them to grow as a developer, expand their professional network and position themselves to become an expert in their field.
Let's Chat
Experience has shown us that those who have an opportunity to actually talk to our founders, instructors and students, students are more comfortable with their decisions. Setup a one-on-one call or coffee with our co-founder and lead instructor Josh Stroschein.
Are you ready to start a new career as a developer?
The entire twelve weeks costs only $4,997 and is limited to 10 students. Applications deadline is April 15, 2016 with classes starting May 23, don’t wait until it is too late to apply.
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